Dead or Alive: Email Marketing

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The marketing world has dramatically changed in the past 10 years. New marketing campaigns, such as social networks, blogs, search engine powerhouse, viral internet activity, and websites have altered the ways permanently in which the consumers are reached effectively by the worldwide companies.

There’s one marketing strategy that is been around a few times and still provides countless benefits to both consumers and marketers, Email Marketing. Even though the email marketing campaigns have also changed with the times, they’re still more important than ever, as social medias and other new marketing campaigns come and go.

You and your business needs a stable communication means, so no matter what channel you use in order to speak or reach your clients, email marketing is still the most reliable one to use.

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Why Email Marketing Will Always Be Crucial

Email marketing is defined as a beneficial and relevant form of mass consumer marketing. Through Email Learning Programs, any businesses can possibly achieve effective email marketing strategies that can greatly increase their sales and number of potential customers, as well as achieve a faster ROI (Return on Investment).

Here are more reasons why email marketing through email learning programs will always be crucial:

The Email Lists are Personal

– Email marketing utilizes lists of contacts that are usually more personal than the consumer lists that are generated through social media or many other lead generation tactics. The consumers protect their email account, so if you have been provided email addresses for consumers, your business has likely had some positive interaction with the consumers.

In the world where numerous marketing campaigns are generic and impersonal, email marketing’s personal nature will make your marketing campaign much more noticeable to the consumers.

Quick And Simple

– Another benefit of email marketing is the campaign format’s simplicity. With email marketing, you don’t need to spend more energy and time in researching for keywords, developing attractive ad title, creating thousand hits blogs, or posting on several social media accounts hourly in order to attract attention.

Email marketing campaign provides a direct line of communication to the consumers on the list, you can quickly and simple create an engaging and interesting email, with relevant information, and hope and trust that the consumers will respond. An e-mail blast would only take 15 minutes to create, yet provides days of very reliable consumer activity.

Drive More Consumer Traffic to the Websites

– the next benefit of email marketing is increased website traffic. Email marketing completely eliminates the gap between the advertisement and respond to the advertisement through visiting a business website.

If you will place the website address on television ad or billboard, the consumer will have to remember that website address when browsing online in the future. With email marketing, you can directly link the key phrases along with your email to your website. You will notice a dramatic increase in consumer traffic because the consumer can easily and directly access your website from your emails.


– Email marketing will always be crucial because the consumers always want desire regular updates and immediate information about the company happening and events. The world has now become an instant smorgasbord gratification, and various marketing strategies and advertisement such as television and radio commercials, social media, and billboard marketing is just too slow for the consumers to be used effectively.

With emails, the business can send regular and immediate updates to their consumers. Because lots of consumers are checking the e-mails though mobile devices, the businesses can trust that their customers will receive their regular updates in a very timely fashion.


– This is considered as one of the most attractive attributes of email marketing, its overall costs. Email marketing is the least expensive campaigning and marketing formats available to the businesses today.

It only takes little resources, effort and time in order to create an email and send it to your customers. While the development of email lead list requires energy and time, this can already be used over and over again for a lifetime, unlike other marketing strategies that would require additional time, effort and money for new set of marketing campaigns.

Involves a Two-Way Communication

– Email Marketing will always be crucial because it always represents a two-way communication between the consumers and businesses. The consumers nowadays are already tired of being shouted by the businesses to call their attention. They now want opportunities to express voice concerns and ideas.

The emails can open up avenues of communication so that they consumers will feel like they’re being heard.

Customizable and Versatile

– email marketing is still very beneficial because it can be customized easily. Because of the fact that every business, brand, and company is different, it is important to look for the marketing campaigns that can easily be adjusted in order to meet the current and present needs. With the use of email marketing, one can easily include video files, photos, and other design elements that can reflect your business specific brand.

Creates Noticeable Outcomes

– email marketing will always be crucial because it’s already proven that it creates noticeable results. Unlike other marketing campaigns which are made to communicate idea and create a brand concept, the email marketing encourages the consumers to take the action. Emails area proven to invite consumer responses, entice the consumer to make the purchases, increase the web traffic, and encourage forwarding the important messages.

Allows to Measure Results

– This is one of the easiest marketing campaigns in order to measure and evaluate results. The effective of this campaign can be measured by simply using web tools or any data processing software. One can easily see which links were followed, the emails that were forwarded and shared, and email campaigns that results in increased sales.

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Conclusion about Email Marketing

Email marketing may be one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it has proven itself as a profitable and long-lasting marketing campaign format. With the inception of social network marketing campaigns, content marketing strategies, and search engine marketing campaigns, email marketing is still the most cost-effective marketing campaign for the businesses, which makes it more crucial today and even in the next coming years.


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