7 Proven Ideas To Motivate Your MLM Team

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I have found that assembling an MLM team can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding motivated teammates.

The first step is to actually make people feel good. In my experience, it is important to encourage people than it is to demand more from them. The better a person feels, the more likely they are to go the extra mile.

Treat your teammates with love and respect, and you’ll have taken the all important first step to motivating and inspiring them.

“Give people what they want first and you will get what you want.” –said by so many big leaders and always true

By following these helpful rules for network marketing motivation, you will experience the same huge success as other great MLM Leaders before.

1. Inspiration Is More Important Than Motivation

The Greeks define “inspire” as “breath within. In an MLM environment, this means creating the breath of confidence inside of someone that will push them to their highest heights.

As an MLM leader, I believe that it is my responsibility to provide that motivation with my actions, by serving as a valuable role model.

Leading by doing. Be the one who works most. Prospect the most. Get up on stage and share your stories. Do the things you wish that they would do. Be the example.

Your actions and words will go a long way breathing that breath of confidence into their hearts and minds.

2. Offer Huge Recognition

Recognition is one of the most powerful secret weapons when it comes to motivating an MLM team. While it is great to praise those who have gone up a pin level, it is also important to recognize teammates who give their all. The result is not always the most crucial aspect, the process must also be respected as well. Building a foundation of recognition and kudos benefits extremely.

3. I believe in you

See your people for who they could be. Believe in them more than they do.

The majority of us do not ever receive any form of encouragement. Furthermore, very few of us ever receive the right words of encouragement at the right moment. Providing teammates with a well timed kind word and letting them know you believe in them serves a powerful motivator. The four most powerful words that you can ever say in an MLM environment are “I believe in you.”

4. Introduce New Ideas and Possibilities

Teammates are at their most motivated when they are presented with new ideas and possibilities, things that make them say “aha!” and enlarge their dreams. As a leader, I believe that it is my responsibility to keep my teammates from thinking small and to enlarge their minds by introducing new ways of thinking.

5. Give Personal Attention To Those In Need

Networking marketing teams tend to function at their peak when each member feels like a true individual, as opposed to a mere cog in a machine. Learn more about your team and find out where their hearts lie. The more you know about them as individuals, the easier it is to find their triggers.

6. Always focus on the next event

Always talk about the next event. Always focus on that next event. Sometimes people stay at the same level for years before it clicks for them. Nobody knows which event will be the clicker event. Every person is different and has different needs and triggers. But when it clicks for them, they get to work and then they make it happen.

7/ Don’t be a despot of other people’s life!

Do not decide of another person’s happiness. There are people in your team who haven’t found any customer or recruited any teammate, and that are totally happy. No problem! They like being part of the family. They like showing up to events. They like feeling important, loved and respected. If you put your goals over into their happiness schedule, they may give up only because they don’t want to disappoint you.



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