Beginner’s Guide To Success For Lazy Readers [The Battles]

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It’s time to present my new book to you: THE BATTLES.

The Battles by Christiane AgricolaDo you think that personal development books and goal setting manuals are boring? Not anymore! Learn how to succeed in business and life and achieve all your dreams, the fun way.

The lazy sit and wait for the Universe to do their job, the courageous just get up and begin to work. The more you sweat, the luckier you get. The magic usually happens after loads of trials and fails.

Here is my believe: If your dreams didn’t come true yet, it’s not because you don’t wish hard enough. To make your dreams come true, you need to put the right work in. But how to do it “right”?

I love books. To reach my goals and dreams and propel my business to orbit, I read tons of books about personal development, listened to hours and hours of audios and watched countless videos. Most of my students did not. Never! Why?

More than a decade ago when I started my home business, I went to a local bookshop to find books that could help me to succeed. At that time online bookstores were just in the baby shoes, and the “success book” choice in a brick and mortar store was very limited. However, I picked The Purple Cow by Seth Godin, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

Today, although people can now get myriads of great titles about how to become successful and get what you want in life at a click of a mouse, many folks cringe from reading that kind of literature.

That’s why I wanted to provide them with a new fresh kind of personal development book, based on the wisdom of the greatest success authors ever known, but fun and easy to read by everybody. The Battles was born.

Audiobook excerpt of The Battles by Christiane Agricola (Chapter 10)

The Battles – A Fabulous Odyssey Seeking The Secret of Success and Positive Thinking.

It’s a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy and personal development workbook. Join the challenge and accomplish 6 powerful lessons inspired by Wallace D. Wattles.

How to achieve an extraordinary life, doing what you love to do?

  • Do you know what you love to do?
  • Do you have your goals in mind?
  • Do you know how to achieve them?

In The Battles you will learn how to:

  • Clear your mind, improve your brain function and focus on your goals
  • Prepare your body for success and improve your overall health and fitness
  • Dream big
  • Know what you want
  • Believe in your goals
  • Use the Law of Attraction and make things happen
  • Find your strongest faculties and use them efficiently
  • Acquire active power consciousness (and discover what that is)
  • Improve your strengths to grow your success
  • Identify your excuses and get rid of your “ifs”
  • Stop being a puppet and take control of your life
  • Make this planet a better place, by taking the right actions for yourself

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David Bowie famously sang, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” Much more than a simple song, his lyrics struck at a deeper truth—that we are all striving to become much more than what we currently are. But how do we get there?

Quote by Magnus Battles - The Battles

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The Battles is based on a proven system, elaborated by Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, many years ago. Learn in 6 Lessons how to develop and unleash unsuspected potentials and faculties you already possess, and how to use the mental power that slumbers in you.

With motivational quotes by Napoleon Hill.

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